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AI-powered Chatbot for Financial Advisors

An intelligent customer support chatbot on your AdvisorFlex Website.

Included Plugin

It's easy to enable as needed.

Transform ChatGPT into an intelligent customer support chatbot on your website.

It's easy to train your chatbot offline by uploading files like Word documents, PDFs, and other text files.

You can use plain text to train your chatbot by copying and pasting info from non-downloadable sources like emails and text messages.

Plus, our chatbot will be able to crawl your website for answers when responding to different support questions.

It's ChatGPT based.

  • Customize the look of your chatbot!
  • Change the chatbot’s opening greeting.
  • Add frequently asked questions as “suggested messages”.
  • Focus outline color
  • Focus outline size
  • Remove links target attribute
Financial Advisor Website Chatbot Tool
Website Accessibility Solutions for Financial Advisors
MIAGD Approved "Now we can build, train, customize and embed a ChatGPT chatbot on your AdvisorFlex Website.“

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