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Financial Advisor Custom Website Design

Boutique Experience

Our industry knowledge is your value add. Work directly with President, Matt Peterson as your project manager and single point of contact.

RIA Templates

We do the work to customize your chosen design with your target market in mind.

Advisors in Transition

Planning to break away?

Since 2004, we're proud to have helped guide a myriad of advisors through the process of becoming independent.

We can help you put all the pieces together with our branding skills, marketing strategy and industry recommendations.

Where are you at in the process?

  1. Company Name
  2. Domain Name
  3. Logo Design
  4. Website Design
  5. Marketing / Integrations

We can help.

Custom RIA Websites

Stand apart. We start with a blank canvas to craft a unique website design just for your RIA firm.

Mobile Responsive Design

70+% of investors will be viewing your website from a mobile device.

Enhanced Credibility & Exposure

  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Better On-Site SEO
  • Third Party Integration
  • 256-bit SSL Security
  • Compliance Archiving
  • Content Management
  • A La-carte Marketing Add-ons
  • Accessibility Options
  • Better Spam Blocking with hCaptcha


RIA Content Marketing

Enhance Organic SEO
Develop a compelling digital presence and grow SEO.

Authentic Videos

Video Creates Professional Credibility
Tell your unique story through authentic video.

RIA Growth

Grow your RIA AUMs with Mike Barnes's unique strategy.

Not just a vendor. A Marketing Partner.

What is your RIA firm trying to accomplish? Schedule a call today.

  • Four Corners Wealth Partners
    Four Corners Wealth Partners
    5 Star RIA Website Review

    “Working with Matt made the stress of designing your own website become a fun part of the process. I would not have known where to start and he carefully walked me through from design to implementation. I could not have asked for more in a partner.”

    - Ryan Freberg
  • Life Unlocked Partners
    Life Unlocked Partners
    5 Star RIA Website Review

    “I had the pleasure of working directly with Matt on our website project. His experience truly shines through in every aspect of his work. The process was smooth and efficient, with clear communication at each stage. Matt's support throughout the project was outstanding, promptly addressing any concerns and providing invaluable insights. I highly recommend Matt for any website needs.”

    - Lela Kelly, Esq.
  • Tillman Hartley LLC
    Tillman Hartley LLC
    5 Star RIA Website Review

    “Matt facilitated the quickest and easiest website refresh our firm has been through in our 25 years. He provided great guidance during the process and provided tools which enable us to easily make minor changes on our own and post blog content at any time. Since our new site went live, Matt has remained exceptionally responsive to our questions. Recently, when we asked about website accessibility concerns, Matt already had a solution in place (and two alternatives). This highlighted for us the benefits of working with an expert who focuses on websites for our industry—we rarely have a question Matt hasn’t answered already.”

    - Kevin Schwall, CFA
  •  Lockwood Wealth Strategies
    Lockwood Wealth Strategies
    5 Star RIA Website Review

    “Matt is first class. He was unbelievably helpful and efficient. It's a breath of fresh air working with someone that understood our industry so well. I felt as though he was one step ahead of me from compliance and disclosures, to marketing phrases, and industry lingo. Additionally, I have had many clients complement the website. I would highly recommend. Thank you, Matt! You took a lot of pressure off me while establishing my RIA!”

    - Brandon R. Lockwood, CWS®
  • CochranMickels Retirement Specialists
    CochranMickels Retirement Specialists
    5 Star RIA Website Review

    “Working with Matt was a refreshing experience. Since he only works with his RIA’s, his creativity in web design really stands out. He does what he says he is going to do, and he does it in the time he says it will take.”

    - Mike Mickels
  • Renew Wealth Management
    Renew Wealth Management
    5 Star RIA Website Review

    “Matt is an exceptional professional who went above and beyond in helping me establish a clear and compelling vision for my RIA firm's website. His expertise and dedication were invaluable in creating a strong online presence for my business. Moreover, Matt's commitment to supporting U.S. military veterans is truly admirable. I highly recommend Matt and the AdvisorFlex team for their outstanding service and their dedication to assisting those who have served our country.”

    - James Simon, CPA, CFP®
  • New Wave Wealth Advisors
    New Wave Wealth Advisors
    5 Star RIA Website Review

    “I am not a tech-savvy person, but Matt Peterson at Make It A Great Day has made our firm’s website run smoothly from the very beginning. He helped with the initial website design and layout and was patient with the many changes that we made before going live. He has provided resources and partners that have helped push us to the next level as our firm has grown. Most importantly, he has always been dependable. He is conscious of dates and deadlines and makes sure that updates go live at the right time (and not too early if we are onboarding a new advisor). When Matt says that he will get something done, we don’t have to follow up with him or double check his work. He is detail-oriented and gets it right the first time. He has even jumped in to help us at the last second when we needed to announce a new advisor that had jumped from her previous firm. We have been very grateful for Matt – his partnership has helped us succeed from day one!”

    - Dean B. Kernus, CFP®, CPA/PFS
  • Sage Wealth Advisory
    Sage Wealth Advisory
    5 Star RIA Website Review

    “We worked directly with Matt to build the website for our new firm. Matt and Make It a Great Day came highly recommended, and the recommendation was spot on! The process was consultative, fast, and efficient with the end product being a very professional website that we have received positive comments about from both clients and prospective clients. Matt is responsive with edits and changes and the experience one year later continues to be as positive as it was from the start.”

    - Jeffrey C. Schultz
  •  Legacy Edge Advisors
    Legacy Edge Advisors
    5 Star RIA Website Review

    “Matt has been great to work with – he understood our firms needs for our website. He provided an easy starting point for us to initiate too as we are not designers and gave us flexibility too in design, although without having to write all of our own copy. More recently, when we needed a fairly large shift in the site, he took on a task with short notice and helped us execute very swiftly. We have found him to be very responsive and pleasure to work with. Thank you!”

    - Timothy O. Urie, CFP®
  • Cambridge Advisors
    Cambridge Advisors
    5 Star RIA Website Review

    “Matt helped us overhaul our website and now we are excited to send our clients and prospects to our firm’s new website. I was impressed with Matt’s expertise and responsiveness. Our firm fully recommends his services.”

    - John Goolsby
  • Piedmont Wealth Advisory
    Piedmont Wealth Advisory
    5 Star RIA Website Review

    “We engaged Matt & AdvisorFlex to perform a complete overhaul of our site after we cobbled together a “DIY” site to get us off the ground. Matt has been instrumental in helping us continually expand & improve our site visuals, content and appeal. Extremely easy to work with.

    Blended with expertise and quick response time are reasons we plan to continue our relationship with AdvisorFlex.”

    - Douglas H. Birnie, CDFA
  • Kaizen Financial Strategies, LLC
    Kaizen Financial Strategies, LLC
    5 Star RIA Website Review

    “Matt Peterson and the MIAGD team have been great website providers for our firm. We request for updates and content changes every now and then, and Matt responds and addresses the request right away. We are delighted to experience the professional expertise and look forward to their partnership for the ongoing evolution of our website. Thanks Matt!”

    - Iftikhar Ahmed, CFP®, APMA™
  • Kukui Tree Capital Management
    Kukui Tree Capital Management
    5 Star RIA Website Review

    "Matt was responsive, professional and a pleasure to work with. The final product turned out great!"

    - Warren Jackson, CFA®
  • Gilpin Wealth Management
    Gilpin Wealth Management
    5 Star RIA Website Review

    “Matt, thank you for the very quick response – much appreciated, you are the best!”

    - Anthony K. McEahern JD LLM CTFA CFP®
  • Lantz Financial Team
    Lantz Financial
    5 Star RIA Website Review

    "The website looks fabulous! You did such a nice job for us. We cannot thank you enough!"

    - Anna Lantz
  • Columbia River Financial Group
    Columbia River Financial Group
    5 Star RIA Website Review

    "We have been working with Matt since we created our RIA in 2017. Its great to work directly with him - he is professional, does quality work and is very responsive."

    - Chad Peterson, CFP®
  • Nautilus Financial Group, Inc.
    5 Star RIA Website Review

    "We have received nothing but positive feedback regarding our website. Thanks to Matt Peterson and MIAGD we have a modern, sleek and effective tool in our marketing toolkit. From ordering to going live the process was smooth and effortless. Thank you!"

    - Nicole M. Butler, FPQP™, Nautilus Financial Group, Inc.
  • Orin Green Financial, LLC
    Orin Green Financial, LLC
    5 Star RIA Website Review

    “When we founded our RIA six-and-a-half-years ago, we knew one of the keys to a successful launch was to set up a web site that would clearly show our expertise in all areas of financial planning. Matt and his team guided us step-by-step through this crucial early phase to ensure we got off on the right foot. Since then, we’ve gone back to them many times as we've expanded and evolved. In every case, they’ve been highly responsive and professional, providing numerous suggestions along the way that have enhanced our online presence. We regard Matt and MIAGD as integral members of our team. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”

    - Dean B. Kernus, CFP®, CPA/PFS
  • Dixon Financial Services, Inc.
    Dixon Financial Services, Inc.
    5 Star RIA Website Review

    "Thank you so much for all the awesome help in getting this project completed. We are so thrilled with the new website."

    - Tyler Mullen, CFP®, CIMA®, Dixon Financial Services, Inc.
  • Emerick Financial Planning, LLC
    5 Star RIA Website Review

    "My practice is off to a great start, I usually get several inquiries each week and have a bit of a backlog of planning work, which I largely attribute to the great website you helped me design. Thanks."

    - Carl R. Emerick, CFP®, CPA, Emerick Financial Planning, LLC
  • VisionQuest Financial Planning LLC
    5 Star RIA Website Review

    "Matt, thank-you for your recent work on my website. I’m really happy with the upgrade. A few years ago, I was looking for a website developer and ran across your company. When I saw your website, it had the look, feel and functionality that I was seeking for my own site. I figured that you must be able to design great websites as well! I have been very happy with my initial AdvisorFlex site, but I wanted to make sure that it was up-to-date and mobile friendly. I think the update will be a big improvement for my visitors who use smaller screens to access the internet. I love the clean, crisp appearance which brought me to Make It a Great Day in the first place. The migration process was also a breeze and you have been very responsive to my needs. Thanks again!"

    - VisionQuest Financial Planning LLC
  • Cascade Wealth Advisors, Inc.
    Cascade Wealth Advisors, Inc.
    5 Star RIA Website Review

    "I have received a number of good responses to the website and I appreciate your help in the design and launch of Cascade Wealth."
  • @LexGrecu
    Grecu Capital Management, Inc.
    5 Star RIA Website Review

    "I just wanted to thank you for the terrific job you did on our website. I've received several compliments about the look and feel of it. We could not be happier. As I meet other advisors, I will not hesitate to send them your way."

“Price is what you pay, value is what you get.”
Warren Buffett
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