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AdvisorFlex Websites is a service of Make It A Great Day, Inc.

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Make It A Great Day Incorporated (MIAGD) is a boutique marketing services provider dedicated to helping today's Independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firms. We've been enhancing our clients' online exposure and credibility since 2004.

As a creative design agency, we offer the tools RIAs need to separate themselves from the brokerage competition.

We can help boost your exposure, streamline your operations, and grow your AUMs.

The MIAGD headquarters are located in Washougal, WA. Gateway to the beautiful Columbia Gorge and about 25 miles from Portland, OR (in SW Washington).

Our outsourced hosting provider has 7 secure Data Centers with built in redundancy to provide 99.999% uptime, daily backups, SSLs and more.
We are proud to serve only US based Indepentent RIA firms (from coast to coast).

Simply Better by Design

Ready to Attract the Right Investors?

Better Design, Functionality and Marketing Process = Better Clients.

- Our Formula
  • New Wave Wealth Advisors
    New Wave Wealth Advisors
    5 Star RIA Website Review

    “I am not a tech-savvy person, but Matt Peterson at Make It A Great Day has made our firm’s website run smoothly from the very beginning. He helped with the initial website design and layout and was patient with the many changes that we made before going live. He has provided resources and partners that have helped push us to the next level as our firm has grown. Most importantly, he has always been dependable. He is conscious of dates and deadlines and makes sure that updates go live at the right time (and not too early if we are onboarding a new advisor). When Matt says that he will get something done, we don’t have to follow up with him or double check his work. He is detail-oriented and gets it right the first time. He has even jumped in to help us at the last second when we needed to announce a new advisor that had jumped from her previous firm. We have been very grateful for Matt – his partnership has helped us succeed from day one!”

    - Hannah Stanley, Owner & Principal
  • Orin Green Financial, LLC
    Orin Green Financial, LLC
    5 Star RIA Website Review

    “When we founded our RIA six-and-a-half-years ago, we knew one of the keys to a successful launch was to set up a web site that would clearly show our expertise in all areas of financial planning. Matt and his team guided us step-by-step through this crucial early phase to ensure we got off on the right foot. Since then, we’ve gone back to them many times as we've expanded and evolved. In every case, they’ve been highly responsive and professional, providing numerous suggestions along the way that have enhanced our online presence. We regard Matt and MIAGD as integral members of our team. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”

    - Dean B. Kernus, CFP®, CPA/PFS
  • Kaizen Financial Strategies, LLC
    Kaizen Financial Strategies, LLC
    5 Star RIA Website Review

    “Matt Peterson and the MIAGD team have been great website providers for our firm. We request for updates and content changes every now and then, and Matt responds and addresses the request right away. We are delighted to experience the professional expertise and look forward to their partnership for the ongoing evolution of our website. Thanks Matt!”

    - Iftikhar Ahmed, CFP®, APMA™
  • Lantz Financial Team
    Lantz Financial
    5 Star RIA Website Review

    "The website looks fabulous! You did such a nice job for us. We cannot thank you enough!"

    - Anna Lantz
  • Dixon Financial Services, Inc.
    Dixon Financial Services, Inc.
    5 Star RIA Website Review

    "Thank you so much for all the awesome help in getting this project completed. We are so thrilled with the new website."

    - Tyler Mullen, CFP®, CIMA®, Dixon Financial Services, Inc.
  • HighPass Asset Managemen
    HighPass Asset Management
    5 Star RIA Website Review

    "We picked up a new client recently that came directly the website. I credit you and the upgrade! Thank you for helping us."

    - Ethan S. Braid, CFA, HighPass Asset Management
  • Nautilus Financial Group, Inc.
    5 Star RIA Website Review

    "We have received nothing but positive feedback regarding our website. Thanks to Matt Peterson and MIAGD we have a modern, sleek and effective tool in our marketing toolkit. From ordering to going live the process was smooth and effortless. Thank you!"

    - Nicole M. Butler, FPQP™, Nautilus Financial Group, Inc.
  • Emerick Financial Planning, LLC
    5 Star RIA Website Review

    "My practice is off to a great start, I usually get several inquiries each week and have a bit of a backlog of planning work, which I largely attribute to the great website you helped me design. Thanks."

    - Carl R. Emerick, CFP®, CPA, Emerick Financial Planning, LLC
  • Ellis Wealth Advisors LLC
    5 Star RIA Website Review

    "Thank you MIAGD, AdvisorFlex Websites and Matt Peterson for the great job you did on our Website. You were great to work with and exceeded our expectations. We appreciate your quick responses, creativity, and expertise in creating financial advisor websites. You helped us express our message in a way we could never have been able to do alone. We now feel confident our website uses the latest technology and is industry compliant . We highly recommend Matt and his firm to anyone looking to create a great advisor website."

    - Bob Ellis, Managing Member, Ellis Wealth Advisors LLC.
  • VisionQuest Financial Planning LLC
    5 Star RIA Website Review

    "Matt, thank-you for your recent work on my website. I’m really happy with the upgrade. A few years ago, I was looking for a website developer and ran across your company. When I saw your website, it had the look, feel and functionality that I was seeking for my own site. I figured that you must be able to design great websites as well! I have been very happy with my initial AdvisorFlex site, but I wanted to make sure that it was up-to-date and mobile friendly. I think the update will be a big improvement for my visitors who use smaller screens to access the internet. I love the clean, crisp appearance which brought me to Make It a Great Day in the first place. The migration process was also a breeze and you have been very responsive to my needs. Thanks again!"

    - VisionQuest Financial Planning LLC
  • Cascade Wealth Advisors, Inc.
    Cascade Wealth Advisors, Inc.
    5 Star RIA Website Review

    "I have received a number of good responses to the website and I appreciate your help in the design and launch of Cascade Wealth."
  • @LexGrecu
    Grecu Capital Management, Inc.
    5 Star RIA Website Review

    "I just wanted to thank you for the terrific job you did on our website. I've received several compliments about the look and feel of it. We could not be happier. As I meet other advisors, I will not hesitate to send them your way."
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