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Website Accessibility Solutions for Financial Advisors

Promote digital inclusivity. Grow your brand. Help mitigate risk.

Website Accessibility Solutions for Financial Advisors

We are proud of the website functionality tools we offer clients. Should you decide to enhance the viewer experience by offering additional accessibility features, below is one included plugin and two 3rd party recommended solutions.

Included Plugin

It's easy to enable as needed.

With our Screen Reader plugin you will be compliant with WCAG requirements on your site, offering visitors with accessibility issues a powerful and integrated tool to read your content. Site visitors can simply to select text of interest and click on play button to start listening to text.

Moreover additional controls are available like pause and volume. Screen reader controls supports textual browsers offering access keys mapping for keyboard management.

Accessibility improvements

  • Enable 'Skip to contents'
  • CSS selector for 'Skip to contents'
  • Enable focus outline
  • Focus outline color
  • Focus outline size
  • Remove links target attribute
Financial Advisor Website Accessibility Tool

3rd Party Solutions

ADA Compliant Sources
Website Accessibility Solutions for Financial Advisors

accessiBe Inc.

Sample site.
(Bottom right corner.)

UserWay Inc.

Sample site.
(Footer link.)

Website Accessibility Solutions for Financial Advisors

Why consider adding an accessibility app to your website?

Enhance Viewership

Over 20% of the global population is living with a disability, so it's recommended that your business provides a website experience that is accessible to all.

Reach New Clients

Drive new business by serving a broader audience and stand out online.

Mitigate Legal Risk

It's another layer of protection for your business by offering additional features and automated reports to help satisfy AODA, WCAG, ADA and state regulatory web accessibility requirements using AI-powered technology.

MIAGD Approved "We are proud to be able to offer an included WCAG compliant tool.
Check out the 3rd party recommendations for additional ADA compliant features and automated reports.“
We're not just a vendor for financial advisors. We're a marketing partner for RIAs.
Other popular industry website platforms offer these same accessibility options using their white-labeled branding.
AdvisorFlex continues to stay transparent with our numours add-on options and recommendations.

How do I add these 3rd party widgets to any website?

1. Sign up for the smallest package.

All AdvisorFlex Websites are usually under 100 pages.

2. Send us the embed code to install on your website.

Or allow us to access your account to manage it for you.

3. Setup

We will install the 3rd party service functionality to your AdvisorFlex Website so viewers can begin enjoying the additional features.

Ready when you are.

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