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Test themThe best websites in the industry, just got easier! Now you can choose one of our affordable template websites for just $749. We'll customize it for you. Then, you add your content AND/OR we can move your content over from your existing website. Need professional copywriting? No problem.

We offer the industry's BEST On-Site SEO Tactics to help enhance YOUR online exposure.

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Sample Wealth Client 2
Wealth Content Worksheet
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Everest Content Worksheet
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Legend Content Worksheet
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Easy Setup Process

  • Advisor WebsitesChoose Your Template

    • Submit the order form
    • You will be emailed an invoice with an option to pay by credit card
    • We can customize accent colors, menus, modules, images and more.
    • Contact Us regarding any questions or concerns
  • Advisor WebsitesWe'll Install and Customize Your Website Template

    Templates are usually installed within 2 business days.

Cool Features

Built for You!

Built for YouWe setup your template of choice using your company logo, tagline, and social media links. You can also choose from many available options. Once your ready, we'll make your new website 'live' at your domain and promote it for you.

Latest Technology

Latest TechnologyYour AdvisorFlex Website Template utilizes the most recent / best-in-class technology. HTML 5, CSS 3, and jQuery (the worlds most popular JavaScript library) allows your site to be fast and lightweight. While viewers obtain a consistent experience across browsers, tablets and mobile devices. Special non-flash effects create a powerful experience, even on iPads and iPhones. Learn more

Mobile Version

CoolYour AdvisorFlex Website Template comes with a special mobile version. This makes it easier to view on mobile devices. It also gives the mobile viewer the option of switching between the 'Desktop' and 'Mobile' versions. Go ahead, try any of the three templates above on your mobile devices. This features can also be disabled if you wish.

iPad App Icon

CoolYour AdvisorFlex Website Template comes with an iPad App Icon. That's right, simply save your website to your 'Homescreen' to see your company's App Icon. This icon acts as a bookmark to quickly launch your company website on your tablet or mobile device.

Powerful SEO & Site Promotion

CoolYour AdvisorFlex Website Template comes Search Engine Optimized! See all the SEO features and promotional efforts that are included in your website template here.

Social Integration

Encourage your website viewers to 'connect' with you by linking your website to your social media accounts. Pull in your latest tweets, embed YouTube videos, enable 'Sharing Buttons' and more!

Content Management

CoolYour AdvisorFlex Website Template comes with a compliance friendly / easy to use Content Management Platform. This makes it easy to add (and manage) your own content. We have also happy to assist and have produced training videos. Learn more.

Integrated Blog

CoolYour AdvisorFlex Website Template comes with an Integrated Blog. Easily add blog posts to your website. Use it for market commentary, newsletters, or article referrals. Use your blog's RSS Feed to automatically 'push' content to social media accounts and email addresses.

Dynamic Modules

CoolYour AdvisorFlex Website Template comes with many pre-loaded modules. Modules are the 'boxes' you see on the right side and at the bottom of your website. These can easily be disabled if you choose not to display certain modules. Some of the modules are 'dynamic' which means they automatically populate with content. These could be 'Current News' (using an RSS feed) or 'Popular Articles' which is based on the number of clicks an article has. The 'Search Bar' is also a module which dynamically begins working based on the keywords entered. Your Blog's 'Tag Cloud' automatically pulls in important keywords from your blog posts. The more a keyword is used, the larger the font. Viewers can simply click the keyword to see all the articles Associated with it. Learn more

Compliance Features & Tracking

CoolYour AdvisorFlex Website Template is equipped with Automatic Content Version Archiving. This means every time you make a change to the pages within your website, it automatically saves a copy of the previous version to the database. These previous versions can easily be accessed and restored from your Admin Control Panel. Once we setup your template, you can only access it with a username and password until you approve it to 'go live'. All AdvisorFlex Websites can also be manually backed up by the website administrator. The Power of Google Analytics is added to your website template for real-time statistics.

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