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Why Google Likes AdvisorFlex Websites

Written by Matt Peterson.

I'm often asked...

What separates AdvisorFlex from all the other industry website providers out there?

Other than the fact that we are a boutique family office, the answer is simple.

No Steel Curtain

We offer the best On-Site SEO (search engine optimization) in the industry. Other providers try to lure you in by offering inexpensive (or free) website templates. Then they pull back the curtain to their monthly SEO plans or upgrades. Often times they will charge big bucks only to 'enable a plugin' that might already be installed on your site. Additionally, some 'high profile' marketing / PR firms can develop amazing sites, but with inferior SEO and mobile responsive features.


Fresh Content is Key for Advisor Website SEO

Written by Matt Peterson.

I'm often asked by advisors to change or update keywords within their site's meta-data, because their site is not showing up on the first page Google for a specific keyword search. The truth is, Google does not use the keywords meta tag in web ranking. Learn more.

Thus, the importance of this blog article.

A Side Note: 'Meta-data Descriptions' are important. Best practices --> 1. Try to use 155 characters or less. 2. Make sure it contains [Company Name] [Company Structure] [Location]. EXAMPLE: ABC Wealth Management is a fee-only, Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) located in Portland, OR. NOTE: If you're an AdvisorFlex Website client, we've got you covered.


A lot of advisors don't realize that 'canned content' from providers like Marketing360, Forefield, and can hurt their search results.


Get a Better Website this 4th of July!

Written by Matt Peterson.

A better financial advisor website this 4th of July.School's out! The family is in town. Or maybe it's time for a road trip? Most advisors are thinking about vacation this time of year!

But now you can continue to move your firm forward this fireworks holiday. Let us design or setup your new AdvisorFlex website. 

While you're on vacation, we can be improving your online presence. A better marketing website? Enhanced SEO? Let us boost your online exposure, while you're away.

See all the awesome features!

This Month's Special

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Get a Custom Designed Site


A birthday girl's donation?

Written by Matt Peterson.

We seem to be living in a 'pay-it-forward' society. Just the other morning, I was in my local Starbucks drive-thru when the car in front of me bought my drink. I was shocked and quickly felt the need to do something kind for someone else. So I bought the drinks for the car behind me. Even though the gesture was small, I'm sure that all the people within (at least) our 3 vehicles, had a little extra spring in their step that day.

A Proud Father

My oldest daughter celebrated her 10th b-day a couple weeks ago. She asked her friends to bring gifts (to her party) to donate to the local children's hospital, in lieu of presents for her. She also used money she received to purchase gift cards the hospital needed for last minute items. We just delivered the gifts today. Mary and I are extremely proud of her!

Way to go Nyah! You made it a great day for so many other kids today. I'm proud of you.

- Dad


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