Development Process

This is an overview of our basic development process. Working with a 3rd party designer?  Awesome!  Check out this development process.

  • Contract Engagement

    Our Process

    Please contact us to get a quote on the services you have interest in. We are happy to answer all of your questions and concerns. We believe strongly in being upfront and honest with you right away, as it will strengthen our relationship down the road.

    Once you feel comfortable to move forward, simply fax back both pages of your quote/agreement. You will receive an invoice for the one-time development charges. Hosting fees will not begin until your website is 'live' at your domain.

  • Discovery Call

    Phone Support

    Once you're ready to roll, we need to schedule a discovery call. This call usually take about an hour. We will send you a 'Content Worksheet' prior to the call. If you are upgrading a website, the 'Content Worksheet' will contain your current content within a recommended navigational structure.

    During this call we will attempt to identify...

    • Your firm's objectives, investment philosophy, and target markets
    • Client Logins, BDs, Custodians, and strategic alliances
    • Navigational / Menu Structure
    • Logo, colors, design, and theme ideas

    You are welcome to give us 'creative control' and/or point out other websites you like.

  • Website Preview

    Our Process

    Usually within about 10 days, you'll receive a website preview.

    We'll send you the temporary development location (ie. with a username and password to log in.

  • Work Towards Approval

    Our Process

    Once you preview the website, you can send us a punch list of items you would like to see updated or we can schedule a call to review the site.

    After identifying and updating these tasks, we'll notify you to review the site again. We'll continue this process until you are pleased with the outcome.

  • Go 'Live' at Your Domain

    Our Process

    When you're ready we will make your new website 'live' at your domain. But that's not it.

    We will also...

    • Setup Google Analytics (stats)
    • Submit your XML Sitemap to Google, Yahoo!, and Bing
    • Submit your site to 140+ directories
    • Add meta-data Descriptions and Keywords
    • Add additional SEO Tricks (like 301 Redirects to your primary domain)
    • Establish your Website Hosting
  • Content Management Training

    Our Process

    We'll spend the time we need to get you and your staff trained on our content management platform. Additional resources like PDF Guides and Videos are also available.

    Ongoing Support

    When you need help, just let us know. Free consulting and training is available as needed. Updates to your website are also available at the rate of $60/hr.

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