• Serving advisors since 2004.

    Serving advisors since 2004.

Client Testimonials

Thank you to our clients below for taking the time to express your thoughts.
Trisuli Financial Advising
"Matt, thanks. I have been told by 3-4 separate people how much they like my website. And none of them were my mom….."
Scott Vance, Trisuli Financial Advising
Emerick Financial Planning, LLC
"My practice is off to a great start, I usually get several inquiries each week and have a bit of a backlog of planning work, which I largely attribute to the great website you helped me design. Thanks."
Carl R. Emerick, CFP®, CPA, Emerick Financial Planning, LLC
Ellis Wealth Advisors LLC
"Thank you MIAGD, AdvisorFlex Websites and Matt Peterson for the great job you did on our Website. You were great to work with and exceeded our expectations. We appreciate your quick responses, creativity, and expertise in creating financial advisor websites. You helped us express our message in a way we could never have been able to do alone. We now feel confident our website uses the latest technology and is industry compliant . We highly recommend Matt and his firm to anyone looking to create a great advisor website."
Bob Ellis, Managing Member, Ellis Wealth Advisors LLC.
VisionQuest Financial Planning LLC
"Matt, thank-you for your recent work on my website. I’m really happy with the upgrade. A few years ago, I was looking for a website developer and ran across your company. When I saw your website, it had the look, feel and functionality that I was seeking for my own site. I figured that you must be able to design great websites as well! I have been very happy with my initial AdvisorFlex site, but I wanted to make sure that it was up-to-date and mobile friendly. I think the update will be a big improvement for my visitors who use smaller screens to access the internet. I love the clean, crisp appearance which brought me to Make It a Great Day in the first place. The migration process was also a breeze and you have been very responsive to my needs. Thanks again!"
Dixon Financial Services, Inc.
"Thanks so much, Matt. I wanted to let you know that DFS recently made the Financial Times list of top 300 RIA firms. One of the criteria the used to evaluate was web presence. So I have no doubt that we never would have been able to achieve this honor without your help in designing us such a wonderful site, so the honor is most certainly also yours."
Ridgeview Financial Planning
"I recently thought I'd try to save a little money by choosing a competitor of AdvisorFlex websites when creating a website for my new business. It was a mistake. Within a few days I was pulling my hair out trying to set up my site with very little support and a user interface that was very clunky and hard to work with. I ended up ending that relationship and calling Matt for help. Within a few days my site was up and running and I was more confident with the level of support he provides. The admin site is very easy to use after watching a couple short videos. I was able to do the hard work of building out my website without having to fiddle around with the competitor's clunky admin site. Thanks Matt! You made it as easy as possible!"
Lodestar Financial Planning
"Thank you Matt. You have been a pleasure to work with. Your reputation and your company’s professionalism and excellence is well deserved. I will not keep you a SECRET to the Garrett Planning Network, NAPFA or the FPA. "
SC Financial Services, Inc.
"We have been clients of MIAGD for a number of years and have always enjoyed the prompt and professional service provided by Matt and his team. The exceptional quality of their service is equally matched by the product they produce. In a little over a week Matt and his team were able to take our old web site and migrate it to the latest Advisorflex platform with minimal intervention on our behalf. The new site is modernized, SEO optimized, and works fantastic with mobile devices of all shapes and sizes. Our thanks goes out to Matt and the MIAGD team for a job well done, on time, and on budget."
Weiss Financial Group
"This is great Matt! Thank you so much. I have been working with XYZ Company for the past few years and they don’ t even come close the tech sophistication, integration, and ease of use you offer (they also seem to have much larger staff!). Thank you for all your help in producing a great website for us. Even though the site is barely a day old we’ve already have tremendously positive feedback from a few clients."
Wealth Strategies Group, Inc.
"After six long months spent rebranding, we interviewed five different developers to find one who could recreate a pre-existing award-winning design. Matt was the clear choice from day one. No one else could come close to matching the look and feel of the original, and we had tens of thousands of dollars invested in rebranding and design. Beyond that, Matt even went as far as to help us refine the layout so that the site was intuitive and user-friendly. I can honestly say that we couldn’t be happier. If you’re looking for world-class service, superior technology and proactive support, look no further."
Financial Solutions Advisory Group, Inc.
"Working with Matt Peterson of Make It A Great Day (MIAGD) was a positive and refreshing experience. The process was cost effective, easy and efficient. The outcome was a customized and cutting-edge web site. MIAGD was a one stop shop—AdvisorFlex for the development of our web site, AdvisorCopy for the copywriting / editing and ShareFile for the creation of our client vault. Matt was a pleasure to work with, quarterbacked the process from start to finish and MIAGD continues to provide personalized and responsive support. If you 're in need of a new web site—it doesn't get any better than MIAGD."
FPC Investment Advisory, Inc.
"After a year of struggled attempts to create a website and thousands of dollars wasted, we found MIAGD! When working with AdvisorFlex & AdvisorCopy all the pieces of the puzzle came together. They accommodated my fears of going down another failed path and quickly became our trusted advisor on this project. The people at AdvisorFlex walked me and the team through every step of the website and were extremely responsive to any questions. If you are an advisor and need an online advocate, look no further."
Cascade Wealth Advisors, Inc.
"I have received a number of good responses to the website and I appreciate your help in the design and launch of Cascade Wealth."
Grecu Capital Management, Inc.
"I just wanted to thank you for the terrific job you did on our website. I've received several compliments about the look and feel of it. We could not be happier. As I meet other advisors, I will not hesitate to send them your way."
ATON Advisors, LLC
"Matt did an excellent job in the design and creation of our website. We are thrilled to have a site customized to our needs and business that reflects so positively on our firm. I cannot tell you how many clients, prospects and referral sources have complimented us on our site. I’m also very pleased with the ongoing responsiveness Matt provides. He is quick to respond and any updates are completed almost as quickly as we ask for them. There isn’t even a comparison between our old site and provider. I highly recommend Matt and MIAGD."
Ellis Wealth Advisors, LLC
"Matt Peterson and the people of MIAGD have exceeded our expectations and are a pleasure to deal with. Their customer service and responsiveness are amazing! I feel very confident recommending Matt and his team as they truly do a great job."
Strategic Equity Management, Inc.
"Not only did Matt vastly improve the look and feel of our company website, while enhancing viewer navigation. But he added custom functionality that fits nicely with our marketing and on-going customer service strategy. Our AdvisorFlex 2.0 Website allows us to 'control' our audience for compliance. So Industry Professionals, Investors, and Accredited Investors, can now gain access to SEM performance reports, our most recent newsletters, market updates, and program reports."
Willow Creek Financial Services, Inc.
"As one of the leading wealth management firms in the West it was important to us to have a highly customized Website for current and prospective clientele. Make It A Great Day, Inc. was diligent in working through the challenges in a timely manner and at a reasonable price. One of the best things about our on-going MIAGD experience is working with a real person. If we want to make a change or add content there is the flexibility of receiving do-it-yourself instruction or simply having MIAGD take care of it. Requests are answered promptly, but with patience and ingenuity. Thanks, Matt!"
Gebhart and Associates, Inc.
"Dear Matt: I just want to compliment you on all your hard work and diligence in producing our website. Your service was extraordinary! You had great creativity. You did everything you said you could do in the time frame you could do it in, and were extremely reasonable. We so appreciate all the time and effort you have taken with our firm to make our site compliant as far as the regulators are concerned, and very traditional and professional. We appreciate you maintaining our site on an ongoing basis!"
The McEnerney Group
"On behalf of my brother Kevin and sister Janet we are so proud of our new website………your patience and understanding of our unique requests went above and beyond our expectations. We thought long and hard before we engaged the services of MIAGD, and we are all thankful we had you as a partner in creating our image. As a side note, we have been working closely with our back office partner, Chris Crawford at Schwab Institutional. We forwarded to him the link to our website and our logo for personalization of the statements. Chris commented several times on how unique and creative your work was and asked for your contact info for future RIA’s. Thanks again for all you have done for the McEnerney’s and we look forward to a long relationship with MIAGD."
On Target Wealth Partners, LLC
"I consider my decision selecting Make It A Great Day, Inc. as my web designer and email provider as probably one of the best moves I have made during the start-up phase of my new firm! Matt is terrific to work with and delivered my web site exactly as I had dreamed. The design process is so efficient and an incredible value versus other alternatives. Matt's focus on the financial advisor niche also permits him to deliver such a competitive advantage. I give my highest possible recommendation of MIAGD and will definitely be back with Matt in the future to add more services. The feedback I have already received from clients and prospects is nothing short of amazing!"

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