Automated Content Marketing Machine

We all know content marketing is a major factor of SEO, online credibility and lead generation. Most advisors struggle with the ongoing process of creating new articles each month and pushing it out to their subscribers. Life just got easier!

We have developed an automated content marketing machine for AdvisorFlex Website clients.

"Approve monthly articles and get new leads each month.“

Matt Peterson / President, MIAGD

Build the machine.

Once you've created good website content and are regularly adding trending articles to your blog. It's time to integrate social sharing, lead generation and email marketing within your AdvisorFlex Website.

Freemium Popup
Offer a free whitepaper download or subscribe to our blog. We just need your email address.
Build your list
Automatically push email addresses from popups and subscribe modules to your email list.
Ongoing content creation
Add an article to your blog each month. Or we can write a custom article for you each month. Simply agree on a topic and approve.
Custom Email Template Design
We'll design an email template consistent with your brand and program it to pull in teaser content from your most recent blog article.
Automated content marketing
Choose a date. Then your most recent blog article automatically gets sent to your subscriber list and social media profiles each month.
Focus on your clients
Relax, let us do the work and watch your online exposure grow.



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