• Curated Financial Content

    Curated Financial Content

Curated Financial Content for Advisors

Automatically pull selected educational content into your AdvisorFlex Website!

We've partnered with CentSai to automatically pull relevant, curated Articles, Videos, and Quizzes into your AdvisorFlex Website. CentSai content is created on the basis of making financial education easily understood through relatable personal stories. Our content ranges from quick conversational articles, to detailed complex financial terms explained.

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"Best-in-class financial education content embedded within your AdvisorFlex Website to help you educate, engage and win investors.“

Matt Peterson / President, MIAGD

CentSai One does it all for you.

Best-in-class financial education content powered by a branding and marketing engine to help you educate, engage and win prospects.

License original personal finance articles, videos, quizzes, and more.
Brand the content and redirect prospects to your website.
Set automated email campaigns based on customer segmentation/interests.
Educate your customers to enhance your business relationships.
Magnify your presence; target more prospects.


Browse White-label Content

Browse White-label Content

Browse top-quality articles, videos, and quizzes instantly.

Brand and Share

Brand and Share

Overlay your branding and banner ad on CentSai One’s FINRA-friendly content.

Analyze Collected Data

Analyze Collected Data

Review analytical insights on top-performing categories and content.

Learn and Repeat

Learn and Repeat

Use your customers’ responses, interests, and engagement to build your brand and cultivate loyalty.


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