Pop Ups & Media Players



The Lightbox allows you to view images, HTML and multi-media content on a dark dimmed overlay without having to leave the current page.


  • Display images, videos, HTML, Iframes, Ajax requests and SWF
  • Supports YouTube, Vimeo, MP4 (h.264), WebM and FLV movies
  • Group lightboxes and mix different content types
  • 3 different opening and closing transitions
  • 4 different caption styles
  • Keyboard and mouse scroll wheel navigation
  • Built with the latest jQuery version


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Media Players

Embed Video

Our advanced content editor allows you to easily embed video from popular media sites like YouTube and Vimeo. Simply select the page and paste the iFrame code into your site's editor. Learn How

Upload Video

  • Native playback for modern HTML5 browsers
  • Supports MP4 (h.264), WebM, FLV, WMV and MP3 files
  • Completely built with HTML and CSS
  • Same UI in all browsers
  • Flash player fallback for unsupported browsers

Uploaded MP4 Example

MP3 Audio Sample

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