Development Login

During website development your site will be private from the public, so you will have to enter a username and password to view your site until it goes 'live' at your domain. We are happy to also create additional logins for compliance and/or marketing personnel. WE CAN ALSO CREATE A PDF OF SNAPSHOTS TO SUBMIT TO YOUR BD.

Development Login

Content Version Archiving

Every time you make a change to a page on your website the previous version automatically gets archived. Prior versions can be viewed and restored within the content management platform of your AdvisorFlex Website.

It also works with your integrated blog!
For New Custom Sites / Wealth, Everest, Legend Templates

content archiving

For Previous Custom Sites / Inspire, Integrity, Growth Templates

content archiving

Manual Backup Engine

Administrators can manually backup all website files and download the .zip files to your local computer at any time. Most clients schedule this each quarter.

backup your website

Author Permissions

Author permissions can be created for advisors that need content approved prior to publishing.

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