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Written by Matt Peterson.

3 Must Have's for Today's Financial Advisors Websites

Here are a few things we recommend for 'Today's Financial Advisor's Web Presence'.

1. Technology

The old days of 'framed in' financial advisor websites are just that... "in the past".

Today's financial websites should...

  • Not contain Frames or Tables
  • Be Cross-Browser Accessible
  • Be Mobile Friendly
  • Utilize the Latest Technology (HTML5 | CSS3 | jQuery | Ajax)
  • Allow for Easy Content Management

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2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Why pay for 'On-Site' Search Engine Optimization when it should be included as part of your website development process? You can pay separately for 'Off-Site' backlinks.

Your upgraded advisor website should include...

  • Keywords in the Address Bar (URL)
  • Page Titles are Links
  • Page Title Tags
  • Primary Domain [301 Redirect]
  • XML Site Map [Submitted to Google, Yahoo, & Bing]
  • 140+ Directories [dmoz]
  • Site Description & [Local] Global Keywords
  • Redirect for Old Website URLs [404 Errors]

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3. Flexibility

You should always have the ability of being able to add-on functionality to your website.

Some examples might include...

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