Client Alliances

Alliance of Cambridge Advisors, Inc.

ACA is the only community of fee-only financial advisors focused on the holistic planning strategies that create true wealth for advisors and their clients. The ACA approach to holistic planning focuses on the major financial concerns of each client and how those issues interrelate. Financial advisors join ACA for the systems, training, and community support that help them build their ideal practices. Individuals seek the services of ACA members because they are highly qualified, ethical advisors who provide comprehensive, conflict-free services.

Broadridge Investor Communication Solutions, Inc. (Forefield)

Forefield is a sales, education, and client communication tool that enables financial advisors to deliver current, concise and compliant resource to their clients. Forefield Advisor provides access to more than 3,000 resources made up of over 2,300 articles, 200 illustrations and tables, 200 interactive calculators, and over 400 presentations. Resources are continuously updated to reflect current legislation and industry trends and all are written to satisfy FINRA compliance requirements. All of our resources can be searched with a Google-like search engine and they are also organized by 17 life events and 10 financial goals.

eMoney 360Pro

eMoney 360Pro provides complete cash flow based planning for financial advisors. Easily create comprehensive plans that are up-to-date and delivered to your high net worth clients through a personal financial homepage. Additional features and functions unmatched in the industry can help you quickly gain the coveted position as your client's primary trusted advisor. eMoney 360 concentrates on specific financial analysis that is modular and goal based. Simply create independent and effective presentations to demonstrate client needs and cultivate opportunities. This dynamic tool will help clients set financial goals and monitor progress toward goals allowing you to become your client's primary financial advocate.

Fusion Advisor Wealth Portal

Fusion Advisor Wealth Portal makes you a better wealth manager. Why? Because this secure, web-based portal offers a real-time snapshot of all of your clients' assets: investment accounts, checking and savings accounts, real estate holdings, collections of art, cars, or jewelry, and more. Wealth Portal captures your clients' complete financial picture on one easy-to-navigate dashboard. You'll manage your accounts more efficiently, gain a competitive edge, and increase your earnings while increasing your clients' wealth.

Garrett Planning Network Inc.

The Garrett Planning Network Inc. is an international network of fee-only financial advisors and planners. We are independent advisors and our goal is to make competent and objective advice accessible through hourly as-needed financial planning. Our financial advisors bring the shared wisdom of a broad based network with significant experience in financial planning and investment management. Garrett members believe that everyone can benefit from professional and objective financial advice. It doesn't matter if that advice involves answering one question or helping to develop and manage a lifelong financial plan.

Impact Communications, Inc.

Want to expand your client base? Increase your assets under management? Shift your focus to a more targeted market niche? Are you wondering how to expand your referral network? Do you want to appear in the media as an expert in your field? These are important goals and they are all attainable with the right marketing strategy. We can help you create that strategy and guide you as you implement it. Quote:

At Impact Communications, our mission is to ensure that financial advisors achieve their goals. Since 1988, my team and I have worked with a select group of advisors and financial planners to improve their positioning, boost visibility and earn market share. We help our independent advisors to build strong public perceptions, because we know that eventually perception becomes reality. We help you to focus on your clients and their needs and to clearly identify the value you bring to them.

- Marie Swift, Founder

Money Guide Pro

MoneyGuidePro is the first collaborative internet-based financial planning software that makes this easy to accomplish. Its unique client-centered approach supports a sophisticated, goal-oriented planning process that is more meaningful to the client and more productive for the advisor. At PIEtech, we develop financial planning software for financial advisors. Since we believe that everyone can benefit from professional financial advice, we don't try to replace the advisor with software. In fact, it's just the opposite. Our goal is to enhance the advisor's value by enhancing the value of the financial planning process for each client.


NetDocuments offers organizations of all sizes a web-centric, SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) document, email and records management service, including extranet services. Documents can be easily and securely shared with clients and others, and documents are protected and backed up in redundant, world-class data centers to ensure built-in business continuity. Documents can also be backed up locally on your network using the NetDocuments Local Document Service. NetDocuments' feature-rich and unique service is designed for law firms, real estate and financial service firms, health care, corporate workgroups and small businesses of all types.

Orion Advisor Services, LLC

As a comprehensive back-office solution created by and for fee-based advisors, Orion's service bureau and portfolio management system is customizable to fit your RIA's business model and scalable to meet your growing needs. We handle tasks like daily database reconciliation, statement generation and delivery, and advisory fee billing, allowing you to redirect efforts towards building client relationships and managing money. Our Internet-based system provides your staff with immediate access to client data, extends your firm's brand with a private-labeled web portal, and delivers powerful tools like a highly customizable reporting engine, built-in CRM and document imaging programs, and out-of-the-box integration with a number of financial planning applications.

Pershing Advisor Solutions LLC

Leverage the resources and expertise of Pershing Advisor Solutions LLC. We are dedicated to serving the needs of growth-minded registered investment advisors serving sophisticated clients. By working with Pershing Advisor Solutions, you can also benefit from the unique strength, global resources, and combined custody services of Pershing LLC and BNY Mellon. And, with no retail channel to distract us, we offer a highly customized approach, a deep understanding of your business, and a comprehensive range of institutional-quality global solutions to help meet your every need.

Schwab Advisor Services

At Schwab, we're focused on what matters most to advisors like you: serving your clients, running your businesses efficiently and growing for the future. How do we know what you need? Because we not only pioneered the industry, we serve nearly 7,000 RIAs—more than any other custodian in the business.

TD Ameritrade Institutional

As an independent advisor, you've broken from the pack. At TD Ameritrade Institutional, we don't think that means you have to walk alone. We're committed to providing you with technology, products and programs that can take your practice anywhere your ambitions lead.


TradePMR is a leading provider of Brokerage and Custody services to Independent Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and their clients. Our technology provides an integrated web based workstation enabling RIAs to run their practices more efficiently and effectively. TradePMR leverages its affiliate companies, TradePMR Bank and TradePMR Retirement, to offer RIAs and their clients fee based banking and 401k solutions.

Wealth Management Marketing

Wealth Management Marketing offers a full spectrum of marketing services for independent financial advisors. We collaborate with clients to develop effective marketing plans and provide the back office support required to implement the strategies. Our specialty is working with advisors to help grow their businesses by leveraging existing client and business partner relationships as well as using social media marketing strategies to develop new relationships.

Wendy J. Cook Communications

Wendy J. Cook Communications offers writing, editing, presentation and related services expressly for the fee-only, passive/DFA, Registered Investment Advisor firm community. By focusing on this niche, Wendy effectively helps these firms communicate their distinct messaging to clients, prospects, media and the general public using traditional and leading edge communication resources ranging from print to social media/Web and e-newsletter forums.

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